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Sierra Leone

Sylvia Olayinka Walmina Oreshola Blyden

Date of Birth: 1 October 1971
Place of Birth: Freetown, Sierra Leone

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Strife hampers Bio's reforms

In August the government repealed the draconian criminal and seditious libel law although Sylvia Blyden a minister in the previous government and an outspoken commentator and blogger is still facing trial for seditious libel over for some inflammatory social media messages (AC Vol 59 No 14 Corruption inquiry takes off )...

Corruption inquiry takes off

Koroma's statement widely believed to have been drafted by his former Minister of Gender and Children's Affairs Sylvia Blyden said Koroma was 'particularly disturbed at the extent of the egregious lies in the report with respect to the sale of Sierra Rutile' (AC Vol 57 No 7 Reshuffle and a long goodbye)...

Reshuffle and a long goodbye

One of the most high-profile women Sylvia Olayinka Blyden is the new Minister for Gender and Children's Affairs replacing recently sacked Alhaji Moijueh Kai-Kai...

Angry Koroma lashes out at the press

Some were probed over their involvement in the Independent Observer story others in relation to separate libel complaints filed but later retracted by the President's Special Executive Assistant Sylvia Olayinka Blyden herself a journalist and publisher (AC Vol 53 No 10 Champagne for the candidates)...

Loyalty rewarded

Sylvia Olayinka Blyden publisher of the stridently pro-APC Awareness Times has also seen her diligence rewarded with the position of Special Executive Assistant to the President...

Displaying 1-6 out of 6 results.