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André Kimbuta Yango

Date of Birth: 16 June 1954
Place of Birth: Kikwit

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Slippage, not suffrage

André Kimbuta Yango Kinshasa's governor and a close ally of Kabila banned a Rassemblement march announced for 30 November but organisers say they are undeterred...

Kabila ducks and dives

The Kinshasa Governor André Kimbuta Yango banned all political protests after the Rassemblement called a demonstration in the capital on 19 September which ended with security forces killing more than 50 people (AC Vol 57 No 21 Kabila slides into a legitimacy crisis)...

Papa's posthumous politics

These days the centre of gravity of Kinshasa's ambiance has shifted to far-away N'djili out near the International Airport where it's focused on avenue Kimbuta a Chinese-built street named after the city's Governor André Kimbuta...

Winner takes (almost) all

In Kinshasa where Bemba took 70% of the vote in the presidential poll the AMP candidate André Kimbuta was declared the winner after brown envelopes had changed hands...

Displaying 1-6 out of 6 results.