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Issa Sall

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Macky wants first round KO

Not to be forgotten is Issa Sall the founder of the private Sahel University in Dakar who is relying heavily on his image as a member of the Moustarchidine a highly conservative strand of the Tidiane religious brotherhood (AC Vol 58 No 16 Who loves ya BBY...

Sall safe for second term

He has the advantage of incumbency in a much-reduced field of candidates following the publication of the Constitutional Council's 3 January decision to accept just five: the incumbent; former president Abdoulaye Wade's son Karim Wade; the rising opposition firebrand Ousmane Sonko; Dakar's jailed former mayor Khalifa Sall; and the virtually unknown Issa Sall who leads the University of the Sahel (AC Vol 58 No 16 Who loves ya BBY...

Who loves ya, BBY?

One surprise was the remarkably good performance of the Parti pour l'unité et le rassemblement a 1998 creation of the Tidiane Brotherhood leader Serigne Moustapha Sy which made a sudden reappearance in Thiès and the Tidiane base of Tivaouane under the new leadership of Professor Issa Sall founder of Sahel University...

Displaying 1-3 out of 3 results.