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Iskandar Safa

Date of Birth: 1955

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The fishing deal got fishier

Privinvest owns 30% of Abu Dhabi Mar and its owner is Iskandar Safa the Lebanese businessman who is also CEO of Abu Dhabi Mar and believed to be a personal friend of the Guebuza family...

How far to push Guebuza

The Ematum deal was managed outside government channels and originated within the then President Guebuza's family through personal connections with French-Lebanese businessman Iskandar Safa whose company Abu Dhabi Mar LLC owns the CMN shipyard in Cherbourg...

The mystery ship deal

The main man in the deal is Iskandar Safa whose Lebanon and Abu Dhabi-based company Privinvest owns CMN and who has been the subject of investigations and political controversy in France...

Displaying 11-14 out of 14 results.