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Gabriele Volpi

Date of Birth: 29 June 1943
Place of Birth: Recco, Genoa, Italy

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The stayaway election

A due-diligence study circulating in Abuja some of which appears to be drawn from interviews with Atiku's Italian-Nigerian business partner Gabriele Volpi raises the possibility of further state investigations in the post-election period...

Politics of patronage

Oando's management are in dispute with the minority shareholders Gabriele Volpi the Italian owner of leading oil service company Intels and Dahiru Mangal one of the wealthiest businessmen in the north who was close to the late President Umaru Yar'Adua...

IMF cut-off follows secret debt shock

Chipande and other Cabo Delgado elite members were angered when a major contract by the state oil company's logistics arm ENH Logistics was made with a company belonging to Italian billionaire Gabriele Volpi without competitive tender and without involving them a Frelimo source says (AC Vol 55 No 16 Contracts galore in the new order)...

Gas, cash and votes

There was controversy in April after ENHL formed a joint venture with Orlean Invest Holding Limited owned by Italian billionaire Gabriele Volpi and awarded the new company ENH Integrated Logistics Services (ENHILS) a major logistics contract without public tender...

Contracts galore in the new order

Based in Nigeria and registered in the British Virgin Islands which CIP points out is a tax haven Orlean Invest is part of a complex and opaque group of companies owned by reputedly the richest Italian in Africa Gabriele Volpi...

Displaying 1-5 out of 5 results.