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Abderrazak Makri

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Protests flush out the old guard

Other establishment politicians have sought to take the initiative including the Islamist Mouvement de la Societé pour la Paix (MSP) leader Abderrazak Makri who on 25 March proposed a six-month transition process led by an interim leader acceptable to the protesters...


A spring in the step

Led by Abderrazak Makri who was to be its candidate in the 18 April elections it has been part of the presidential alliance along with the Rassemblement National Democratique (RND) led by sacked Prime Minister Ouyahia (AC Vol 60 No 2 A stasis of emergency and Vol 54 No 15 Leadership in limbo)...

A stasis of emergency

Ambitious members of the loyal opposition – notably Mouvement de la Societé pour la Paix (MSP – Harakat Mujtama As-Ailm) leader Abderrazak Makri – have sought to promote their cause but are unlikely to surprise the incumbent and the state machine mobilised behind him...

Leadership in limbo

Outside the FLN's orbit the new leader of the Mouvement de la société pour la paix (MSP) Abderrazak Makri has emerged as a vocal politician...

Displaying 1-4 out of 4 results.