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Mohamed Laïd Benamor

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'Roll more heads'

Several leading tycoons have been rounded up including Ali Haddad the Kouninef brothers Chamber of Commerce chairman Mohamed Laïd Benamor and Condor group's Abderrahmane Benhamadi (AC Vol 60 No 7 Protests flush out the old guard)...

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In recent meetings with business chiefs in High Plateaux towns such as Batna Bordj Bou Arreridj (Condor's headquarters) and Djelfa Haddad and the head of the Chamber of Commerce the Chambre algérienne du commerce et de l'industrie Mohamed Laïd Benamor have been reminding fractious executives how well tight controls – and insulation from foreign competition – can serve their businesses...

Displaying 1-2 out of 2 results.