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South Africs

Zizi Kodwa

Date of Birth: 19 January 1970

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Meltdown in the party

Besani will be Ramaphosa's top representative in the ANC a post left vacant after Zizi Kodwa moved into government as the Deputy Minister of State Security (AC Vol 60 No 16 The party and the pendulum)...

The party and the pendulum

Some of Ramaphosa's strongest backers – Zizi Kodwa Fikile Mbalala and Senzo Mchunu – have left Luthuli house to take up cabinet posts (AC Vol 59 No 2 Big change no fanfare)...

Memo misfire

From there party spokesman Zizi Kodwa released a damning statement after the diplomats met Sisulu accusing them of seeking 'regime change'...

Big change, no fanfare

Pro-Ramaphosa people such as Hanekom Angie Motshekga Zizi Kodwa and Barbara Creecy made it on to the NWC...

Displaying 1-5 out of 5 results.