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Surjan Singh

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Probe focus shifts to Nyusi

The key members of the deal team – Andrew Pearse Surjan Singh and Detelina Subeva – received over $50m in kickbacks and are awaiting sentencing after making a plea deal with the DOJ...

Guilty plea on conspiracy

Some worry that Pearse and Subeva – as well as Credit Suisse banker Surjan Singh who has been arrested but not yet tried – may in taking the blame as individuals be effectively shifting it from Credit Suisse as an institution...

US spears the loan sharks

Boustani was arrested on 3 January at New York's JFK airport on the same day that three ex-Credit Suisse bankers on the 'deal team' for the Mozambican loans were arrested in London: Andrew Pearse Detelina Subeva and Surjan Singh...

Displaying 1-3 out of 3 results.