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Abdalla Hamdok

Date of Birth: 1956
Place of Birth: Al-Dibaibat, Kordofan, Sudan

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Beyond a hundred days

Khartoum's uneasy transitional administration – an alliance between military junta and civilian oppositionists – has been active in trying to bring the South Sudanese together with interim premier Abdalla Hamdok accompanying Machar to meet his counterparts in Juba...

Hamdok's appeal

Starting work on 22 August a day after he was sworn in new Prime Minister Abdalla Hamdok quickly amassed support ranging from activists in the sit-in outside the military headquarters to loyalists of the former ruling National Congress Party (NCP) as well as the United Nations...

Cutting a deal on a knife-edge

The main names in contention are: Mudawi Ibrahim Adam an engineer and human rights activist formerly a political detainee in Kobar prison; Muntasir el Tayeb Ibrahim a professor of microbiology at University of Khartoum and a leading force in the political agenda of the DFCF along with his academic colleagues; and Abdalla Hamdok special advisor to the Eastern and Southern African Trade and Development Bank and a former Deputy Executive Director of the UN's Economic Commission for Africa (AC Vol 52 No 1 Freedom – North and South & AC Vol 53 No 12 The new Thabo Mbeki)...


The new Thabo Mbeki

Members of the High-Level Panel on Illicit Financial Flows from Africa include Abdoulie Janneh Executive Secretary of the UN Economic Commission for Africa and his deputy Abdalla Hamdok; Mbeki was recently appointed to chair the ECA...

Displaying 51-54 out of 54 results.