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Marvin Barinem Dekil

Date of Birth: Oct 1969

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Oil behaving badly

It also contradicts HYPREP co-ordinator Marvin Dekil's statement to the Senate in February that 'money was not the challenge'...

HYPREP's millions

It also contradicts its spokesperson Marvin Dekil's reported statements that 'money was not the challenge' in implementing the operation (AC Vol 60 No 14 HYPREP's checkered rep)...

The oil clean-up that didn't?

In late July HYPREP's Project Co-ordinator Marvin Dekil appeared on Nigeria's Channels Television and was pressed on whether any cleaning up had begun since the start of the work has been announced several times since 2018...

HYPREP’s checkered rep

As Minister of the Environment Amina Mohammed (who is now Deputy UN Secretary General) appointed Marvin Dekil as Project Coordinator making him de facto HYPREP boss in January 2017...


Clean-up gets murky

The Ogoni clean-up coordinator for HYPREP Marvin Dekil has an unenviable task in answering the many unanswered questions that are building up...

Displaying 1-7 out of 7 results.