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Ahmed Lahlimi

Date of Birth: 15 March 1939
Place of Birth: Marrakesh

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Wrath rules

Three institutions the king trusts – Bank Al-Maghrib (BAM the central bank) the Haut-Commissariat au Plan (HCP the national planning commission) under Ahmed Lahlimi Alami and the Cour des comptes (public accounts court) led by the former Prime Minister Driss Jettou – have produced a flow of reports pointing to continued weaknesses in the economy and the failure to improve living standards for the majority...

Our friend, the new king

This is problematic for a former exile with a hands-on style of government and it puts more pressure on General Affairs Minister Ahmed Lahlimi who effectively runs a government strapped for new ideas and cash...

Blair-ites in the desert

Also taking a key role is little known Ahmed Lahlimi who was appointed Minister for General Affairs a portfolio from which he is expected to act as de facto deputy prime minister...

Displaying 1-5 out of 5 results.