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Seyni Oumarou

Date of Birth: 9 August 1951
Place of Birth: Tillabéri, Niger

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Election results spark riots

That the headquarters of the ruling Mouvement National de la Société de la Développement and house of its leader Seyni Oumarou were known to leaders of the rioters was hardly a surprise...

Dauphin goes to the polls

Even with Amadou's popular touch absent from the race there are other heavyweight contenders still in the 30-strong field including the former president Mahamane Ousmane former foreign minister Ibrahim Yacouba one-time opponent turned government ally Seyni Oumarou and the retired general Salou Djibo who led the 2010 military coup (AC Vol 51 No 5 A coup to stop a coup)...

Issoufou the insouciant

While Seyni Oumarou was as expected overwhelmingly selected as its presidential candidate this was only after the Niamey Appeal Court had confirmed the legitimacy of his party leadership team and its expulsion of a dissident faction led by its former Secretary General Albadé Abouba who then set up his own breakaway movement...

Issoufou under siege

Issoufou’s challenger in the 2011 presidential election Seyni Oumarou is still powerful says a diplomatic source in Niamey...

Niger, Mauritania, Mali: the politics

Seïni Oumarou one of Tandja’s ex-premiers and likely presidential candidate of the formerly ruling Mouvement national pour la société de développement was detained in August under the anti-corruption probe and released on bail in four days...

Displaying 1-7 out of 7 results.