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Benjamin Yeaten (50)

Date of Birth: 28 February 1969
Place of Birth: Tiaplay, Nimba County

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War crimes trial divides justice-seekers

Other former NPFL fighters told the Finnish court that the brutality of Massaquoi/Angel Gabriel in Liberia was so great that Taylor's most notorious enforcers Benjamin Yeaten and Zigzag Marzah had to restrain him...

Testimony on Bah

‘The witness said that Issa Sesay told him that he gave diamonds to Ibrahima Bah who said that he had business partners and Ibrahima Bah provided satellite phones computers food and US$50 000 for the RUF movement between 1999 and 2001… he testified that he and others went to Hotel Boulevard with diamonds to meet General Ibrahima [Bah] to make arrangements and Benjamin Yeaten would take Issa Sesay and General Ibrahima to bring the diamonds to Charles TayIor… [AC Vol 43 No 9 UN gumshoes in Taylorland] Ibrahima Bah said that he was sent by Mr Taylor with a message “asking” that the AFRC and RUF work together...

Taylor's trajectories

Three possible insider witnesses are Benjamin Yeaten Daniel Chea and 'General' John Tanu...

Rebels without a plan

Taylor's main man there is the head of the Special Security Service Benjamin Yeaten to whom the mercenary militias are accountable including ex-Revolutionary United Front (RUF) rebels from Sierra Leone and Guinean dissidents...

Dokie's death

The police said they had orders from the State Security Service Director Benjamin Yeaten to arrest Dokie and take him to Monrovia...

Displaying 1-5 out of 5 results.