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Redwan Hussein

Date of Birth: 22 September 1971
Place of Birth: Silte Zone

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Addis tries to rewrite the script

Abiy Chief of Staff Lieutenant General Birhanu Jula Gelalcha and State Minister of Foreign Affairs Redwan Hussein said that most of the recruits for the TDF had been pressured into joining by ethnically charged propaganda...


Government's war plan falls apart

But officials in Addis Ababa are yet to make detailed public comments about their next steps – other than spokesman Redwan Hussein claiming that the government could send troops back into Mekelle 'in less than three weeks … if necessary'...


Troubled road to liberalism

Among those due to retire from the ERPDF Executive Committee in October are Shiferawu Shigute (SEPDM's Deputy Chairman) Redwan Hussein (Minister of the government's Communications Authority Office) Mekuria Haile and Shiferaw Tekelemariam (SEPDM) Bereket and Ayalew Gobeze (ANDM) Abay Woldu (President of Tigray Regional State) Tewodros Adhanom (Foreign Minister) and Tewodros Hagos (TPLF) Mukhtar Kedir (President Oromo Regional State) and Diriba Kuma (OPDO Addis Mayor)...

Easy on the landslide

New members of the Executive Committee such as Defence Minister Siraj Fagessa and longer-term members Redwan Hussein the Minister for the government's Communications Affairs Office and Shiferaw Tekelemariam the Minister of Federal Affairs remain firm supporters of the Prime Minister...

After Meles

Another significant southern figure on the federal stage is Redwan Hussein who is Silte...

Looking for a landslide

The EPRDF found an impressive debater in Redwan Hussein a member of its Executive Committee...

Displaying 1-7 out of 7 results.