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Sheikh Farid Hadi Ahmed

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Samia the securocrat

Uamsho leader Sheikh Farid Hadi Ahmed has said there are about 560 Muslim prisoners facing terror charges who are yet to go to trial some of whom have been in prison since 2013...

Union at all costs

It attracted considerable support in 2012 with thousands of people attending open air rallies where leaders such as Sheikh Farid Hadi Ahmed who now faces charges of conspiracy to commit terrorist acts railed against the Union of the Mainland and Zanzibar...

New strains on the Union

The riots were triggered by the disappearance for three days of Sheikh Farid Hadi Ahmed leader of the Islamist Jumuiya ya Uamsho na Mihadhara ya Kiislamu Zanzibar (Association for the Awakening and Propagation of Islam in Zanzibar) which has strong Saudi Arabian links...

Displaying 1-3 out of 3 results.