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Abdullah el Senussi

Date of Birth: 5 December 1952
Place of Birth: Libya

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Doubts on elections multiply

Southern supporters of the former regime threatened to turn off the Moammar el Gadaffi era 'Great Man-Made River' water supply to Tripoli if the GNU did not release Abdullah el Senussi the former dictator's brother-in-law and intelligence chief who like Saif el Islam is wanted by the ICC for crimes against humanity (AC Vol 57 No 14 Gadaffi's desperate bid)...

Gadaffi's desperate bid

The ICC in the Hague issued an arrest warrant for Gadaffi and former intelligence boss Abdullah el Senussi on 27 June 2011 for alleged involvement in the bloody crackdown against the protests and the uprising that eventually led to Colonel Gadaffi's overthrow (AC Vol 53 No 24 ICC tries more with less)...

Castles made of sand

China also produced a muted response to the International Criminal Court’s arrest warrant for Gadaffi his son Seif el Islam el Gadaffi and intelligence chief Abdullah el Senussi on charges of crimes against humanity...

Displaying 1-3 out of 3 results.