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Ferhat Mehenni

Date of Birth: 5 March 1951)
Place of Birth: Illoula Oumalou, Tizi Ouzou Province, northern Algeria

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Living in limboland

Tensions are rising again in the ignored south and Berber-speaking Kabylie where singer Ferhat Mehenni's Mouvement pour l'autodétermination de la Kabylie (MAK) has been demonised – along with the Islamist exiled movement Rachad – as an existential threat to the state...

Deep State in plain sight

One voice of le pouvoir the media outlet linked to retired military grandee Khaled Nazzar Algérie Patriotique on 23 October described unlikely bedfellows MAK and Rachad leaders Ferhat Mehenni and Larbi Zitout as the 'sinister promoters of two diabolical entities'...

Displaying 1-2 out of 2 results.