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Yilikal Kefale

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How the Wellega war threatens Abiy

To try and improve the situation PP Vice-President Aden and Amhara's president Yilkal Kefale organised a meeting of middle and low-level Amhara PP cadres in Bahir Dar on 6 January attended by 3 500 officials...

Prisoners' release sparks war cries

Yilikal Kefale president of the PP-controlled Amhara regional government said the public was 'outraged' by the releases but it should not be distracted from the campaign 'to destroy the terrorist group'...

Abiy's war party digs in

' Amhara State President Yilikal Kefale called for people to rise up 'to wipe out this anti-Ethiopia traitorous group from the face of the earth...

Displaying 1-3 out of 3 results.