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Guinea Bissau

Umaro Mokhtar Sissoco Embaló

Date of Birth: 3 September 1972
Place of Birth: Bissau, Guinea Bissau

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Revenge of the rejects

His challenger will be Umaro Sissoco Embaló leader of the second-largest party the Movimento para a Alternância Democraticá – Grupo 15 (MADEM – G15) who got 28%...

Latest Vaz plot fails

Assembleia do Povo Unido – Partido Democrático da Guiné-Bissau (APU-PDGB) leader Nuno Nabian is also running alongside former prime ministers Carlos Gomes Júnior Bacira Dja and Umaro Sissoco Embaló of the Movimento para Alternância Democrática (MADEM-G15) a Vaz ally...

Vaz defies sanctions

Two weeks before that his previous appointee Úmaro Sissoco Embaló – another anti-reformer – had resigned (AC Vol 58 No 9 Vaz clings to power)...

Street meets state

Vaz's most recent nominee as Prime Minister Umaro Sissoco Embaló lacks the support of the majority reforming wing of the PAIGC...

Vaz clings to power

His acting Prime Minister General Úmaro Sissoco Embaló has crudely tried to make up for his and the President's lack of popularity by appealing to race and religion in order to win more support...

Displaying 11-15 out of 15 results.