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François Beya Kasonga

Date of Birth: c 1955

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Spymaster's arrest heralds purge

Three weeks after President Félix Tshisekedi ordered the arrest of his senior security advisor François Beya for plotting a coup a shroud of silence still surrounds the affair...

Cover-up in UN murders

The key person ensuring the two trials do not look into the roles of the FARDC or ANR is François Beya who is also reckoned to be responsible for Kambidi's arrest and subsequent release...

The Kabila Strain

François Beya was the head of the DGM under Kabila but is now Tshisekedi's special advisor on security; he was by Tshisekedi's side when he met Kabila in March...

Council of war, but who's the enemy?

Célestin Mbala Musense; Presidency Chief of Staff Gustave Beya Siku; Special Advisor on Security Matters Pierre Lumbi Okongo; Administrator General Agence nationale de renseignements (national intelligence) Jean-Pierre Darwezi; Director General of Migration François Beya Kasonga; Head of Military Intelligence Gen...

Displaying 1-4 out of 4 results.