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Al Hadi Idris Yahya

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Schisms in the junta are widening

Three key figures in the SRF – Al Hadi Idris Yahya (the group's chairman) Malik Agar and Al Tahrir Hajar – publicly condemned Burhan's take-over but have opted for realpolitik and remained on the ruling Sovereignty Council...

Realpolitik, with plenty of guns

Al Hadi Idris Yahya chairman of the Sudan Revolutionary Forces (SRF) said his coalition would get three seats in the Sovereignty Council and 25% of the seats in the legislative council which is yet to be established...

Appointed chairman of the SRF last September Al Hadi Idris Yahya's position mirrors that of Malik and Yasir...

Displaying 1-2 out of 2 results.