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Kpatcha Gnassingbé

Date of Birth: 6 September 1970
Place of Birth: Lomé, Togo

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    Vol 53 No 21 |
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Faure fading fast

He gaoled his elder brother former Defence Minister Kpatcha Gnassingbé in 2011 for attempting to overthrow him but the feud continues to unsettle the regime (AC Vol 50 No 8 His father's son)...

    Vol 53 No 21 |
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Fraternal rivalry

There was an inevitability about the clash between President Faure Gnassingbé and his elder brother Kpatcha Gnassingbé ever since the time when they accompanied their dying father on the aeroplane to Tripoli Libya in February 2005 (AC Vol 50 No 9 Brothers and enemies)...

    Vol 51 No 6 |
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Tarnished triumph

Faure’s family rallied to support him during the campaign with the exception of his brother Kpatcha Gnassingbé held in a gilded cage since April last year for his alleged role in a coup; he had been pushing for reform in the RPT...

    Vol 50 No 9 |
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Brothers and enemies

Kpatcha Gnassingbé was arrested on 12 April (AC Vol 50 No 8) charged with plotting a coup d'état against his elder half-brother Faure Essozimna Gnassingbé President of Togo since 2005...

    Vol 50 No 8 |
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His father's son

The arrest of former Defence Minister Kpatcha Gnassingbé while pleading in vain for asylum outside the gates of the United States' Embassy in Lomé on 15 April appears to have ended his political career ahead of presidential elections due in 2010...

His accusations followed a four-hour late-night shoot-out on 12 April between Kpatcha Gnassingbé’s bodyguards and the Forces Armées Togolaises’ elite Force d’Intervention Rapide which left five people dead and five others under arrest...

Before and after the voting

A conflict within the Gnassingbé family led Faure to sack his elder brother Kpatcha Gnassingbé as Defence Minister...

    Vol 47 No 19 |
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Back in the fold

His brother Kpatcha Gnassingbé is Defence Minister; his twin brother Toyi a Presidency advisor; younger brother Rock heads the scandal-ridden Togolese Football Federation; various trader sisters can be commercially and politically controversial...

    Vol 46 No 10 |
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Faure's French friends

The Chinese Embassy was attacked; China plays a big part in Togo's Free Trade Zone managed by one of Faure's siblings Kpatcha Gnassingbé...

Displaying 1-10 out of 11 results.