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Ibrahim Dubaiba

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Dubaiba woos UAE and Haftar with about-turn on oil

The sacking of Sanallah was reportedly the product of plotting in the UAE by Ibrahim Dubaiba the prime minister's nephew and chief advisor and Saddam and Belgassem Haftar the general's sons who increasingly act as Haftar's deputies Saddam as his main military commander Belgassem as his political frontman AC Vol 63 No 7 Dubaiba and Bashagha preside over a new east-west partition)...

From Gadaffi to Qatar

ODAC was run by Ali Ibrahim Dubaiba whose cousin Abdel Hamid Dubaiba ran the Libyan Investment and Development Company which also managed vast numbers of projects...

In June 2011 his son Ibrahim Dubaiba established a charity called Isnab in Britain with El Sadeek Omer el Kabir who became Central Bank of Libya Governor in September and the powerful Doha-based Libyan imam Ali el Salabi...

Displaying 1-2 out of 2 results.