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Abdel Ghani el Kikli

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Bashagha bloodied in Tripoli battle

Early on 26 August shooting broke out between a unit of the Dubaiba government's Stabilisation Support Apparatus (SSA) which is led by Abdel Ghani el Kikli (aka Ghneiwa) and a force commanded by Ghneiwa's erstwhile ally Haitham al Tajouri the former head of the Tripoli Revolutionaries Brigade who supports Bashagha...

Plan mooted to settle east-west split

Dubaiba retains the support of the two most powerful militias the Tripoli Revolutionaries' Brigade headed by Ayoub Buras and the Stability Support Apparatus (SSA) headed by Abdel Ghani el Kikli (aka Ghneiwa – AC Vol 58 No 3 Front lines in flux)...

Front lines in flux

Most of Tripoli is under the de facto control of four militias: Haitham el Tajouri's Tripoli Revolutionaries' Brigade Sheikh Abdel Rauf Kara's Salafist Rada'a force Mustafa Gadour's Nawasi Brigade and the Abu Sleem Military Council of Abdel Ghani el Kikli (aka Ghneiwa)...

Displaying 1-3 out of 3 results.