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Paul Mwangi

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Ruto and Odinga loyalists battle over election body

Odinga's lawyer Paul Mwangi has already questioned the process of choosing a new chairperson for the commission and two new commissioners commenting that 'there is nothing in law like an 'impending' vacancy; a vacancy must exist before any recruitment process is commenced'...

Questions about the electoral referee

On 27 July presidential candidate Raila Odinga's chief legal advisor Paul Mwangi wrote to Chebukati red-flagging the ballot printing exercise in Athens the headquarters of Inform P...

Raila beats rivals to a new deal

– led by Ambassador Martin Kimani the government's Director for Counter-Terrorism and Orange Democratic Movement's lawyer Paul Mwangi – the agreement says little...


New elections, old battles

Five days before opposition lawyer Paul Mwangi submitted the petition Odinga was telling a big rally in Kibera speaking in Swahili that people power could overthrow dictatorships: 'Look at what the Haitians did with Baby Doc Duvalier and what the Iranians did with the Shah of Iran...

Displaying 1-5 out of 5 results.