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Albert Ondo Ossa

Date of Birth: 17 July 1954
Place of Birth: Minvoul Woleu-ntem Province, Gabon

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General Nguema plans the transition and his political ascendancy

The opposition coalition's candidate in the election Albert Ondo Ossa said the putsch amounted to a continuation of the Bongo dynasty by other means – 'Behind Oligui Nguema is Pascaline Bongo [Ali Ben Bongo's estranged sister]… so the Bongo clan remains in power...


Bongo dynasty overthrown after widespread claims of electoral fraud

Former education minister Albert Ondo Ossa who was selected last week as the 'consensus' candidate for Alternance 2023 which brings together six opposition groups immediately labelled the elections as a 'fraud orchestrated by Ali Bongo and his supporters' (Dispatches 22/8/23 Opposition candidate faces battle against time and electoral commission)...


Displaying 1-3 out of 3 results.