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Succès Masra

Date of Birth: 30 August 1983

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    Vol 63 No 22 |
  • CHAD

Massacre threatens transition plan

The protests were led by opposition figurehead Succès Masra and his party Les Transformateurs and human rights lawyer Max Loalngar coordinator of the civil society organisation (CSO) umbrella group Wakit Tamma ('the time has come' in Chadian Arabic)...

The prospect of this consultation resulting in little change and of Mahamat winning the elections in 2024 drove Succès Masra to boycott the national dialogue and declare opposition to the transition institutions...

Haroun Kabadi lately chair of the Conseil National de Transition and Kedzabo belong to the former and Succès Masra to the latter...

The first is exasperation with Succès Masra who despite his radical public stance visited the presidency several times to try to negotiate a much greater role in Chadian politics for himself and his party and who irked the President with his haughty manner...

    Vol 62 No 8 |
  • CHAD

Chronicle of an election foretold

However the relative success of the stayaway also owes much to a rising voice of the new generation: Succès Masra educated at Oxford and the Sorbonne and Sciences Po in Paris...

Displaying 11-13 out of 13 results.