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Nourreddine 'Yazid' Zerhouni

Date of Birth: 1937
Place of Birth: Tunis

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Fixing it up

Interior Minister Noureddine 'Yazid' Zerhouni was confident that a pro-regime coalition would win...

One musketeer

But the reshuffle disappointed critics mainly returning regime stalwarts to government and keeping Nourredine 'Yazid' Zerhouni at the Interior Ministry despite withering criticism of his role in the Kabyle crisis...

The old-timers

The Kabyle crisis Many Algerians think that officials should account for their brutal handling of the Kabyle crisis; those blamed include Gendarmerie Commander Mohamed Bastila and Interior Minister Nourredine 'Yazid' Zerhouni a close ally of Bouteflika's...

The Bouteflika paradox

Backing up this team is Interior Minister Noureddine 'Yazid' Zerhouni a former Ambassador to Washington and previously an aide to Bouteflika...

Boutef rides his luck

Also firmly in Bouteflika's camp is Interior Minister Noureddine 'Yazid' Zerhouni an ally from the President's years at military security in the 1970s under the late President Houari Boumedienne...

Displaying 11-15 out of 15 results.