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Michael Kaase Aondoakaa

Date of Birth: 12/06/1962
Place of Birth: Benue

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Yar'Adua's judges on trial

In Nigeria Ibori's former lawyer Michael Aondoakaa was appointed Attorney General and several times countermanded Ribadu's requests for information...

The Ibori test

Yar'Adua's critics claim that Attorney General Michael Aondoakaa and the new Director of the Economic and Finance Crimes Commission Farida Waziri are 'sponsored' by Ibori who has contributed to the governing People's Democratic Party...

The oil governor under arrest

As activists and politicians accuse Attorney General Michael Aondoakaa of trying to frustrate the EFCC's investigations into Ibori and other ex-governors there are mounting calls for his resignation...

Which rules? Whose laws?

Yet the EFCC has been undercut by Yar’Adua’s Attorney General Michael Aondoakaa who sent a letter claiming falsely that Ibori faced no corruption-related investigation in Nigeria...

A tale of two cities

Ibori's involvement in Attorney General Michael Aondoakaa's bid to remove Ribadu's right to initiate prosecutions independently has proved to be a fiasco...

Displaying 21-25 out of 25 results.