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  • 7th May 2019

SOUTH AFRICA: Voters to judge Ramaphosa's credibility on jobs, anti-graft and curbing inequality

Patrick Smith

This week, South Africa prepares for landmark elections on 8 May and Sudan edges towards a power-sharing transitional government. There is another alert in Tanzania after a critic of the President goes missing and another delay in the plans for a national...

  • 2nd May 2019

El Sisi's authoritarian vanguard

Blue Lines

Protestors on the streets of Khartoum have taken up a new slogan: 'Victory or Egypt'. For them it's personal. Sudanese activists resented the collaboration between the two countries' elites. Both the current head of the junta, Lieutenant General Abdel Fat...

  • 29th April 2019

SUDAN: Oppositionists and junta discuss civilian seats in new government

Patrick Smith

This week the negotiations between the ruling generals and their opponents in the Forces for the Declaration of Freedom and Change continue in Khartoum while in South Africa President Cyril Ramaphosa steps up campaigning a week before the national electio...

  • 23rd April 2019

SUDAN: The Freedom and Change movement doubles down on protests for civilian-led transitional government

Patrick Smith

This week, we start in Sudan where the opposition is escalating its protests and then to Uganda where the age limit for presidents has been removed to allow President Museveni to fight yet another election. In West Africa, President Keïta is under growing...

  • 18th April 2019

Sudan: Beshir in Kobar gaol

Blue Lines

It was the final act in the tortuous decline of Omer Hassan Ahmed el Beshir's regime: his transfer from a secure suite in the presidential palace to solitary confinement in Kobar prison. The message from his military successors is clear. They cannot hold ...

  • 16th April 2019

SUDAN: African Union's Security Commission's rejects pleas from Egypt's President Sisi and votes to suspend Sudan's junta

Patrick Smith

This week we're in Khartoum reporting on the aftermath of the overthrow of Omer el Beshir, tracking Deputy President William Ruto's campaigning in Nairobi, Zimbabwe's finance negotiations in Washington and the head of the army's latest manoeuvres in Algie...

  • 8th April 2019

SUDAN: Pressure builds for El Beshir's exit as over 500,000 protest outside military headquarters

Patrick Smith

This week we start in Khartoum where protests against Omer el Beshir's presidency are reaching critical mass, then to Nairobi for President Kenyatta's State of the Nation speech. Also on the agenda is the ratification of the African Continental Free Trade...

  • 4th April 2019

The line between revolt and revolution

Patrick Smith

A wise head in Algiers advised a young activist to curb his enthusiasm for the forced resignation of President Abdelaziz Bouteflika: 'Don't call this a revolution. At best it's a revolt… we don't even know if the flight of Ben Ali from Tunisia was a revol...

  • 1st April 2019

ALGERIA: Big questions about the shape of the transition as Bouteflika prepares to depart

Patrick Smith

This week our correspondents file from the slow-motion exit of President Bouteflika in Algiers, the chances of a long-awaited cabinet reshuffle in Nairobi, news about more ambitious borrowing and spending plans from the re-elected President Buhari in Abu...

  • 25th March 2019

ANGOLA: The freeing of detained financiers sends mixed signals on the President's corruption fight

Patrick Smith

This week we look at a surprising legal deal in Luanda, the power crisis that could shape South Africa's elections, how politics and climate change worsened the Mozambique disaster, a personal post-election battle in Nigeria and the unravelling of Kenya's...

Displaying 151-160 out of 482 results.