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  • 20th December 2018

Next year's structural crunch

Blue Lines

Stripped of the spin from politicians seeking re-election and international financial institutions seeking to make more loans, it has been a dire year for Africa's economies and worse for its markets. Buoyed by demographics and better policies, the likes...

  • 6th December 2018

White House discovers Africa

Blue Lines

Those criticising the Trump Administration for its lack of interest in Africa may find themselves being more careful what they wish for. About two years late, a form of United States policy towards Africa is taking shape sometimes with the overt connivanc...

  • 22nd November 2018

Corporates clash with politics

Blue Lines

Developments in Nigeria and South Africa point to the danger when political and business interests converge. President Cyril Ramaphosa's directorship of Lonmin, the company operating in Marikana when the police massacred protesting mineworkers, nearly san...

  • 21st November 2018

The week ahead in Africa: Nigeria, South Africa, Sudan, Eritrea

Patrick Smith

We start on the election bandwagons in Abuja, Nigeria for the beginning of the campaigns and move on to Pretoria where President Cyril Ramaphosa is facing a heavy challenge to his leadership of the anti-corruption campaign. And then to the Horn of Africa:...

  • 14th November 2018

CONGO-KINSHASA: Martin Fayulu enjoys a brief triumph as presidential candidate on a unity ticket before the opposition coalition splinters

Patrick Smith

We start in Geneva but the real story is in Congo-Kinshasa as the opposition parties argue over who should represent them as presidential candidate in elections next month. It's an action-packed week in South Africa, with one minister resigning and two ot...

  • 8th November 2018

The Shia question in Nigeria

Blue Lines

Apart from the disputed casualty figures – the Nigerian army says six people were killed and Amnesty says more than 45 – the best measure of the seriousness of a security crisis is the deafening silence of mainstream politicians. Few seeking votes ahead o...

  • 5th November 2018

The week ahead: Zimbabwe, Madagascar, South Africa, Tanzania, Nigeria

Patrick Smith

This week our correspondents have filed from Zimbabwe, South Africa, and Nigeria, and you will find their more detailed stories in the main newsletter on the website on Thursday 8 November. ZIMBABWE: As cash crisis deepens and budget cuts loom, governmen...

  • 25th October 2018

The Brexit-South African connection

Blue Lines

Few of the estimated 700,000 people who marched through central London last Saturday urging a 'People's Vote' – another referendum – on whether the United Kingdom should leave the European Union can have been aware of the potential impact on their cause o...

  • 11th October 2018

Game on - Nigeria's elections

Blue Lines

Atiku Abubakar's emergence as Presidential candidate for the biggest party challenging President Muhammadu Buhari in Nigeria's elections in February guarantees a lively contest for voters but little else. For Atiku, 71, and Buhari, 75, it is a final roll ...

  • 5th October 2018

IMF/WORLD BANK: 'The road ahead is bumpy' - warnings on growth, debt and productivity in Africa

Patrick Smith

Finance ministers and central bank governors are heading to Bali, Indonesia for the annual meetings of the Bretton Woods institutions, where they will consumed by the threats of the expanding trade war, rising public debt and ructions in the international...

Displaying 171-180 out of 484 results.