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  • 16th May 2017

UN's new Africa economy chief to open international financial parley

Patrick Smith

This week we start in Addis Ababa for an international conference on development finance. And then to Côte d'Ivoire where the government is insisting the army mutiny is over. In South Africa, the African National Congress is divided over the reappointment...

  • 11th May 2017

Cyberwar goes to the polls

Blue Lines

Data-mining is coming to an African election near you. President Uhuru Kenyatta's re-election campaign has contracted Cambridge Analytica, the data company widely credited with having swung last year's United States' presidential poll for Donald Trump and...

  • 9th May 2017

FRANCE/AFRICA: President-elect Emmanuel Macron set to fly to Mali in first Africa trip after inauguration

Patrick Smith

This week we start with the celebrations greeting the newly-elected President of France and look at some implications for Africa. Nigeria's President Muhammadu Buhari is back in London for more medical treatment as his deputy puts the finishing touches on...

  • 2nd May 2017

SOUTH AFRICA: President Zuma chased from May Day rally as no-confidence vote looms

Patrick Smith

It was a harsh May Day for South Africa's beleaguered President Jacob Zuma, who was chased off the podium by an angry crowd in the Free State. From the UN in New York, there are signs of movement in the deadlocked Western Sahara dispute. In Zambia, Presid...

  • 27th April 2017

In search of green shoots

Blue Lines

Caught between a more slowly growing China and the nationalist and protectionist reflexes of President Donald Trump's United Statesgovernment, Africa is in pressing need of an economic boost. Last year marked a harsh coda to the commodity boom, with the c...

  • 19th April 2017

WORLD BANK/IMF: African finance chiefs fly to Washington DC for tough summit

Patrick Smith

This week we have a whistle-stop tour of international meetings, negotiations and even court cases. We start with the spring meetings of the Bretton Woods institutions in Washington, and then on to South Africa, reeling from a ratings agency downgrade. Ou...

  • 13th April 2017

More credit lines needed now

Blue Lines

Among the most stubborn collateral damage wrought by the West's financial crisis of 2008 was the cutting of international credit lines to Africa. The initial rationale for severing the lines was knee-jerk and computational: if Western banks and ratings ag...

  • 10th April 2017

NIGERIA: Police raids, intercepts and careless whispers in latest twist in Shell and ENI's secret deal saga

Patrick Smith

This week we start in Milan, Italy, where the state prosecutor is to open preliminary hearings on two multinational oil companies accused of massive corporate fraud in Nigeria's oil industry. Then to Nairobi where a committee of the opposition alliance ha...

  • 3rd April 2017

SOUTH AFRICA: Close-run confidence vote looms after Zuma sacks Gordhan

Patrick Smith

Again, we start in the week in South Africa as the country and its politicians react to President Jacob Zuma's sacking of Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan. A different level of power play is going on in Abuja where the head of Nigeria's anti-corruption org...

  • 30th March 2017

The reversed revolution

Blue Lines

The verdict from the Tahrir Square generation that took to the streets in January 2011 to such dramatic effect was clear and concise. 'Mubarakis on the asphalt, the youths are in prison,' an activist known as 'Mohamed 303' tweeted on hearing the news that...

Displaying 221-230 out of 434 results.