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  • 23rd June 2016

Testing times for Zuma

Blue Lines

From the start of the year, it's been clear that South Africa's local elections on 3 August would be a critical test of President Jacob Zuma's survival skills. There have been contradictory signs: it looked increasingly likely that Zuma would be pushed to...

  • 15th June 2016

ETHIOPIA | ERITREA: From jaw-jaw to war-war

Patrick Smith

Over the weekend there were disturbing reports of fresh fighting in the border war between Eritrea and Ethiopia which ended with a peace treaty some 16 years ago. Ugandan security officials say they have been busy in the last few days rounding up ...

  • 9th June 2016

The general in his labyrinth

Blue Lines

If he's looking for evocative literature as well as a break from Nigerian politics during his ten-day visit to London, President Muhammadu Buhari should read 'The General in His Labyrinth' by Gabriel Garcia Márquez. One of the late Colombianwriter's most ...

  • 7th June 2016

KENYA: Election Commission protests escalate

Patrick Smith

This week, the political developments start in Kenya, with mounting protests for electoral reform, then to the story of why some senior Nigerians are spending the week in London and the private reactions to the appointment of the president's daughter to h...

  • 26th May 2016

Thinking big

Blue Lines

Taking over the presidency of the African Development Bank from Rwanda's Donald Kaberuka, whose combination of political savvy and straight talking on economics put the Bank back on the global map, was always going to be tough. The tenure of new President...

  • 17th May 2016

West in talks to fight Da'ish and consolidate new Tripoli regime

Patrick Smith

This week starts with talks on Libya's crisis in Vienna and negotiations in Nigeria over the fuel price increase. Kenya's government makes further moves to close down the world's biggest refugee camp and Uganda's most prominent opposition leader is held o...

  • 12th May 2016

Conventions of anti-corruption

Blue Lines

The big problem with the Anti-Corruption Summit organised by British Prime Minister David Cameron on 12 May was that no one could agree on what it was for. It invited Nigeria's Muhammadu Buhari, Colombia's Juan Manuel Santos Calderón and Afghanistan's Ash...

  • 4th May 2016

Warnings on economic slowdown and policy shifts

Patrick Smith

This week there are some sobering warnings from the IMF and some rambunctious election-campaign launches in South Africa. Pressure continues to increase on Nigeria's President Buhari to devalue the naira or set up a new exchange rate for specified transac...

  • 28th April 2016

Getting serious about democracy

Blue Lines

Unencumbered by the African Union's need to reach a consensus among its 54 member states, the Tana Security Forum, which also meets each year in Ethiopia, is expanding its influence as it confronts some of the more unpalatable realities of political stabi...

  • 14th April 2016

Voting for change

Blue Lines

This year’s flurry of ostensibly competitive elections is prompting some activists to rethink their assessment of the forward march of democratic politics in Africa. After the unprecedented victory of the opposition presidential candidate in Nigeria, Afri...

Displaying 221-230 out of 374 results.