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  • 21st February 2017

SOUTH AFRICA: Zuma positions his money man ahead of budget speech

Patrick Smith

This week we start in Cape Town with renewed speculation about a cabinet reshuffle as Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan prepares to read his budget and then to Somalia where the IMF has promised the new government it will back a debt relief scheme. In Gambi...

  • 16th February 2017

Fake news from nowhere

Blue Lines

A distinguished political analyst in Nigeria lamented last month that the country had probably invented the Fake News phenomenon, closely linked to Donald Trump's presidential election campaign in the United States and a lucrative business model. As if to...

  • 13th February 2017

NIGERIA: Anti-corruption campaign claims victory with collection of US$170 million of stolen funds

Patrick Smith

This week we start in Nigeria, where anti-corruption investigators can finally claim some success. Then we go on to Washington where President Donald Trump's top advisor on African security issues has just been blocked by the Central Intelligence Agency. ...

  • 6th February 2017

SOUTH AFRICA: As Zuma readies State of the Nation speech, his would-be successors launch their campaigns

Patrick Smith

This week we start in Cape Town, which has temporarily become the crucible for South Africa's political fights as well as host to an international mining conference. Then we look at the warnings about Africa's growing indebtedness, the jitters in Nigeria ...

  • 2nd February 2017

Morocco makes its move

Blue Lines

'C'est un grand jour pour le Maroc,' Rabat's Foreign Minister Salaheddine Mezouar told journalists in Addis Ababa after his country was readmitted to the African Union on 31 January. He was speaking just minutes after Morocco's King Mohammed VI had made h...

  • 31st January 2017

UNITED STATES/AFRICA: Furore over migrant ban could complicate diplomacy

Patrick Smith

Again, we start the week in the United States where the Donald Trump administration’s first week of frenetic activity has major implications for Africa and diplomatic deal-making. Then to Addis Ababa where delegates to the African Union summit are set to ...

  • 24th January 2017

AFRICAN UNION: Key leadership vote amid debates over security and funding

Patrick Smith

All eyes are on Addis Ababa this week where the African Union summit elects a new chair for the AU Commission while there is some relief and mutual congratulation over the peaceful resolution of the post-election crisis in the Gambia. Ahead of national el...

  • 19th January 2017

Pan-Africanist solutions

Blue Lines

In the new edition of Africa Confidential, our correspondents complete their tour d'horizon of the developments and people who will shape 2017 on the continent. Throughout the edition, we trace the effects of the changing international backdrop, particula...

  • 16th January 2017

AFRICA/UNITED STATES: Tussling for influence in Trumplandia

Patrick Smith

This week we have two presidential inaugurations to follow, both idiosyncratic in their own way: that of Adama Barrow in Banjul and of Donald J. Trump in Washington DC. United States policy is also under scrutiny on relations with Sudan, as is Nigeria's p...

  • 9th January 2017

WEST AFRICA/THE GAMBIA: Steering Jammeh to the door, again

Patrick Smith

We start in Accra, where regional leaders attending the inauguration of Ghana's new President, Nana Akufo-Addo, also found time to discuss ways to make the Gambia's defiant Yahya Jammeh leave the stage. Starting work with an inspection of the presidential...

Displaying 281-290 out of 477 results.