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  • 4th August 2016

Angola: promise or problem?

Blue Lines

A year before next year's general elections, Angola is balanced between a 'promising' and a 'problematic state', according to Abel Chivukuvuku, leader of an opposition coalition which claims to be the country's fastest growing political movement, the Conv...

  • 21st July 2016

Dlamini-Zuma's busy swan song at AU

Blue Lines

Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma's extended swan song as chairwoman of the African Union Commission has been more productive than the rest her of four-year term. Dlamini-Zuma doesn’t want a second term and will return home to South Africa. There, she’s likely to ma...

  • 19th July 2016

AU delegates search for funds for 100,000 peacekeepers

Patrick Smith

This week we start in Kigali, which is hosting the summit of the African Union, and stay in East Africa to hear that the region's three biggest economies are putting their trade negotiations with the European Union on hold. If the latest opinion polls in ...

  • 14th July 2016

SOUTH SUDAN: Risk of chronic food crisis after Juba shoot-out

Patrick Smith

This week we start with the fighting in South Sudan and then look at the prospects for more anti-government protests in Zimbabwe. In Zambia, tensions are rising ahead of what many expect to be a very close election next month while Ghana is channelling th...

  • 7th July 2016

Zimbabwe's long hard transition

Blue Lines

A new protest movement known as #ThisFlag is gaining momentum in Zimbabwe after one of the biggest stayaways in cities for a decade on 6 July. At the head of #ThisFlag is Evan Mawarire, a 39-year-old pastor who launched a social media campaign in April to...

  • 30th June 2016

Brexit storm hits markets and trade everywhere

Patrick Smith

A Brexit-dominated blog this week as Africa's economies count the cost of the turmoil in Europe. In Zambia, President Edgar Lungu's government cracks down on the independent media and Mozambique's finance troubles escalate after the secret loan scandal. F...

  • 23rd June 2016

Testing times for Zuma

Blue Lines

From the start of the year, it's been clear that South Africa's local elections on 3 August would be a critical test of President Jacob Zuma's survival skills. There have been contradictory signs: it looked increasingly likely that Zuma would be pushed to...

  • 15th June 2016

ETHIOPIA | ERITREA: From jaw-jaw to war-war

Patrick Smith

Over the weekend there were disturbing reports of fresh fighting in the border war between Eritrea and Ethiopia which ended with a peace treaty some 16 years ago. Ugandan security officials say they have been busy in the last few days roundi...

  • 9th June 2016

The general in his labyrinth

Blue Lines

If he's looking for evocative literature as well as a break from Nigerian politics during his ten-day visit to London, President Muhammadu Buhari should read 'The General in His Labyrinth' by Gabriel Garcia Márquez. One of the late Colombian writer's most...

  • 7th June 2016

KENYA: Election Commission protests escalate

Patrick Smith

This week, the political developments start in Kenya, with mounting protests for electoral reform, then to the story of why some senior Nigerians are spending the week in London and the private reactions to the appointment of the president's daughter to h...

Displaying 321-330 out of 480 results.