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Here come the data-miners

Weak regulation is allowing data analytics companies to bring huge electoral advantages to political parties with deep pockets

There is nothing new about the controversial practice of buying data sets and gathering social media information from Facebook and Twitter to target specific electors. United State...

Technology against tricksters

Biometric polling cards, electronic data transmission and other high-tech methods are spreading in Africa, but it seems fraud is keeping pace

The momentum behind the introduction of election technology in Africa continues to build. In Kenya, the opposition has pushed for a change in the law that will make the use of elec...


Democrats under fire

Tough economic conditions are fuelling demands for change but authoritarian leaders are thwarting the popular vote

This year's combination of the international commodity price crash and the Chinese economic slowdown, alongside a bumper political season with 16 elections in just twelve months, i...


Displaying 1-3 out of 3 results.