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The colonels and captains settle in

Beset by jihadist insurgents, the juntas in Mali and Burkina Faso are shakier than Guinea – but none offer long-term answers to their countries' problems

The military juntas running Mali, Guinea, and Burkina Faso – in place since August 2020, September 2021, and January 2022 respectively – are set, according to their own timetables,...

Leaders favour new CFA franc plan

Political and financial imperatives are driving reform of the CFA zone but may be stymied by an international economic slowdown

After being put on hold during the pandemic, plans to reform the CFA franc zone are back on the agenda in West Africa. These plans are unfolding as criticism of France's economic a...

Doublethink in Ecowas

Under fire from putschists and civilian dissidents, the regional body is trying to draw up new rules on term limits

Two coups in Mali in less than 10 months, a failed putsch on the eve of the inauguration of Niger's President in April, and now the overthrow of Alpha Condé in Guinea. These are th...

'Eco'-logical concerns

The mooted new West African currency stands no chance of success unless its architects persuade Abuja to join

Francophone West African countries' decision to convert their CFA franc into a first version of the 'eco', a planned single currency for the whole region, has sparked furious criti...

Poor turnout in Dakar

It was supposed to be a showcase of West African determination to tackle jihadism but few governments bothered to show up

This was meant to be President Macky Sall's moment. The second Dakar International Forum on Peace and Security in Africa was held on 9 and 10 November at the King Fahd Palace Hotel...

Firefighters against an inferno

Popular anger at unemployment, political corruption and crony capitalism is now targeting governments across the region

Searching for a way to sum up ousted the 27-year rule of Burkinabè ex-President Blaise Compaoré, as the opposition gathered on the streets in Ouagadougou last week, a...


Stepping up the fight against Ebola

The overall picture is improving in rural areas but the epidemic could be worsening in the cities

As November began, some cautious optimism was evident in Liberia, the country most affected by Ebola. The disease has not only caused an unprecedented health crisis in the neglecte...

The Ebola epidemic

The crisis might have been contained if politicians had acted more quickly and health services were not neglected

Following the death of more than 900 people in West Africa from the worst outbreak of Ebola so far and with potential carriers arriving in the United States and Middle East, the in...

Landmark deal

Fierce debate over who wins most from free trade led to a trade agreement with the European Union

Twelve years of hard negotiation have at last produced a trade agreement between the European Union and the Economic Community of West African States. It is due to be approved by a...

Regional confrontation looms

Support in the UN and Europe is growing for a West African military force to push out the entrenched jihadist groups in northern Mali

The developing plan to oust the jihadist forces controlling northern Mali is moving forward, with regional security talks in Bamako starting on 19 October and a meeting between the...

Displaying 1-10 out of 46 results.