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New Year hopes

Two peace deals and a crowded reform agenda point to a way out of the chaos

Could 2002 be the year that Congo-Kinshasa ends the foreign-backed war engulfing it and starts rebuilding its economy? Optimistic officials in Belgium and France believe so; Congol...

Congo imbroglio

Two developments could help peace efforts in Congo-Kinshasa this year: gathering political and financial pressure on the foreign combatants to withdraw their troops and a near cons...

More rumblings

In Congo-Kinshasa, there is a buzz about the plans of United States' diplomat Richard Holbrooke to hold a Congo summit in New York in late January. Holbrooke is US envoy to the Uni...

The contras return

The rebels in Rwanda and their allies threaten the post-Mobutu balance of power

Just as Rwanda’s conflicts (AC Vol 37 No 9) led to the destabilisation and then the overthrow of the Mobutu regime last year, a new wave of rebel attacks is again destabilisi...

Military muddling

Divisions in his army are diverting Kabila from urgent economic and political issues

In early February the people of Goma, in Congo-Kinshasa, could hear the Rwandan artillery pounding away at Gisenyi, across the border. The fighting in Rwanda and Burundi constantly...

Displaying 11-15 out of 15 results.