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Brave new bank

The ADB has staved off crisis by yielding more power to non-African governments

Having pushed through a 35 per cent capital increase and new voting rules favouring Western shareholders, the African Development Bank’s Moroccan President, Omar Kabbaj, now ...

Of Kabbaj and King

One of African Development Bank President Omar Kabbaj’s greatest supporters is, we hear, King Hassan II. Kabbaj’s successful tenure at the ADB has done much to shore up...

Who's in charge?

A new confrontation is brewing over control of the African Development Bank. On 23 March in Abidjan, the governors from 12 leading member countries will make their plans for the an...

Financial headroom

Stronger economic growth in Africa encourages the Bank to seek more funds

After five years of acrimony and financial uncertainty among shareholders, the African Development Bank is likely to agree on a substantial capital increase by next year and step u...

On the mend

The accountants have overhauled it but the bank still lacks a mission

Morocco's Omar Kabbaj is a man to make the trains run on time. Under his Presidency, the annual meeting of the African Development Bank (22-23 May) finished a day early and without...

Displaying 31-36 out of 36 results.