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A league of quarrelling neighbours

Algerian officials have headed off Egypt's attempts to postpone the Arab League summit planned for November but ructions continue

Egypt's Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry walked out of an Arab League ministerial meeting earlier this month upon learning that it would be chaired by Libyan foreign minister Najla M...


Hirak tracks west

Some saw President Abdel Fattah el Sisi's 89% 'yes' vote in the referendum on extending his presidential term to six years from four and allowing him to stand for a further term in...

Cold and hot wars

Algeria and Morocco will glare at each other over their border, Libya will remain locked in violence, and Tunisia will lick its wounds

Despite efforts to persuade Algeria and Morocco to reopen their land border, closed since 1994, the two regional rivals continue to rattle sabres and build up their military streng...

Take the lead if you can

Reports of Algerian forces operating in Libya underline the size of the regional security challenge and raise questions about Algiers’ leadership

A rise in protest in the south is adding to concern in Algiers that its vast Saharan landmass, which holds most of its key oil and gas reserves, could spin out of control, along wi...

No end to deadlock

The region has long been a bone of contention between Algeria and Morocco – and natural resource opportunities are forcing it up the agenda

The impasse over the sovereignty of the former Spanish Sahara is still preventing the five Union du Maghreb arabe (UMA) nations from achieving regional unity. Prospects of ending t...

Under attack

Algeria's Islamist underground is largely home grown but benefits from foreign attachments

The Algiers bombings of 11 April confirmed that the radical Islamist underground was on the move. For years, it has been confined largely to its strongholds in parts of Kabylie - t...

Displaying 1-7 out of 7 results.