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Côte d'Ivoire

Côte d'Ivoire

Population: 24.29 mn.
GDP: $40.39 bn.
Debt: $13.43 bn.

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The barricades again

Striking policemen upset the cash-strapped government and fuel other pay demands

Smiling images of political foes at reconciliation talks seemed to have replaced the murder and mayhem of the past two years until a strike by police brought the roadblocks and nig...


P>Almost everything that could go wrong for President Laurent Gbagbo's national reconciliation conference in Abidjan is doing so (AC Vol 42 No 18). None of the three main oppositio...

In denial

The politics and economics aren't as bad as they look, says President Gbagbo

'There is no political crisis in Côte d'Ivoire,' President Laurent Gbagbo assured diplomats and politicians on 7 September. He was inaugurating the National Reconciliation Fo...

Conditionally yours

Friendlier to President Laurent Gbagbo than most donors, Paris has persuaded the European Union to offer vital budget support to Abidjan. This may tide Côte d'Ivoire over to ...

The military might?

Most of Côte d'Ivoire's leading politicians will not be at President Laurent Gbagbo's national reconciliation conference, planned for 9 July. Former President Henri Konan-B&e...

Home and away

France, at least, backs President Laurent Gbagbo. The head of a team it sent to help draw up aid requests (AC Vol 42 No 4) is none other than Jean-Michel Severino, who on his retur...

Gbagbo rides the tiger

Gbagbo could still pull his country back from the brink but shows little sign of wanting to

The stunning victory of President Laurent Koudou Gbagbo's Front Populaire Ivoirien in the parliamentary elections on 10 December settles nothing. In many respects, it makes matters...

Gbagbo's next test

The nation's troubles are not over yet. On 10 December, elections for the National Assembly will follow the 22 October presidential election. This is the poll in which Laurent Gbag...

Milosevic effect

The flight of military leader General Robert Gueï to Benin and the assumption of the Presidency by Laurent Gbagbo, the winner of the 22 October election, solves one problem bu...

Displaying 141-150 out of 175 results.