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Population: 4.42 mn.
GDP: $5.03 bn.
Debt: $4.23 bn.

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A break with the past

After the freest post-Independence elections, the government faces worsening social divisions and a troubled oil sector

Hopes are high that the 19 April inauguration of Sidi Mohamed Ould Cheikh Abdallahi as Mauritania's first democratically elected President since Independence in 1960 will prove a b...

No win, no gain

The military regime gets the election result it wanted, with no party strong enough to govern

There was no winner in the parliamentary elections on 19 November, the first since Colonel Ely Ould Mohamed Vall's coup of 3 August 2005 (AC Vol 45 No 17). Since none of the partie...

Investigation down under

Woodside Petroleum is Mauritania's largest foreign investor by far. It has sunk around US$1 billion into its Chinguetti offshore project, pumping the only oil between the North Sea...

Torturers beware

Politicians and officials accused of human rights crimes may think twice about visiting France, after last week's conviction of Mauritanian Captain Ely Ould Dah for offences commit...

Taya's travails

President Maaouiya Ould Sid'Ahmed Taya has turned the latest alleged coup plot, on 10 August, to his advantage, detaining Islamist leader Mohamed Jemil Ould Mansour and a dozen sen...

Warriors and marabouts

Nouakchott cracks down on Islamists and Arab nationalists ahead of November's elections

President Maaouiya Ould Sid'Ahmed Taya has cracked down on his critics, particularly targeting Arab nationalists and Islamists as he seeks to improve ties with his new friends in I...

Saddam to Sharon

Arriving from Ethiopia as Africa Confidential went to press, the new Israeli Ambassador to Mauritania Ariel Kerem was summoned to present his credentials the day after landing in N...

Go north, Ould Taya!

Domestic concerns take second place as a confident President redraws diplomatic policy

Colonel Maaouiya Ould Sid'Ahmed Taya's increasingly assertive foreign policy, based on closer ties to the West - notably the United States and its key ally Israel - and to Maghreb ...

Displaying 21-29 out of 29 results.