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Population: 35.74 mn.
GDP: $109.34 bn.
Debt: $49.75 bn.

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Rabat tries reform

Worries about King Hassan's successor and an apparent power vacuum dominate politics

Political change is in the air. The heavy-handed and apparently politically motivated crack down on drug smugglers pitted the government, led by Interior Minister Driss Basri, agai...

Palace moves

The King is better. After a painful recovery from bronchial pneumonia, he attended the Sharm el Sheikh terrorism summit in March and means to visit his old friend Jacques Chirac in...

Bad luck

The honeymoon with the markets is over and the kingdom faces new political problems

A run of bad luck has hit Morocco. Even the recent heavy rains, which ended two years of drought in the Maghreb and brought the promise of good harvests to Algeria and Tunisia, cau...

Ganja grief

Business leaders, among others, are complaining that Interior and Information Minister Driss Basri has been using the kingdom's latest crackdown on drugs smugglers to consolidate h...

Displaying 101-104 out of 104 results.