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Population: 2.53 mn.
GDP: $13.25 bn.
Debt: n/a

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After Sam, maybe

The founder of the third-term movement may just try for a fourth

It is three years until Namibians must elect their next president, but already there is confusion about President Sam Nujoma's retirement. He pioneered Africa's 'third-term movemen...

It's party time

The ruling parties of Namibia, Angola, South Africa, Zimbabwe and Mozambique would work together to root out agents of imperialism in Southern Africa, said South West Africa People...

Murderous border

The new chief of the Namibia Defence Force is Major General Solomon 'Jesus' Hawala, which worries many Namibians (AC Vol 31 Nos 19 & 20). In the undeclared war along the north-...

Too dry for crops

Redistribution sounds like a good idea until you look at the land itself

Namibia's 4,000 white farmers have been shocked by the farm occupations in Zimbabwe. The farmers, mostly of Afrikaner or German ancestry, had felt safe under the government's polic...

SWAPO steamroller

Peaceful elections are followed by worries about overspill from the Angola war

Nobody expected President Sam Nujoma or his ruling South West African People's Organisation to lose the elections but SWAPO's victory was impressive. Putting down a marker was the ...

A hammer to a nut

Caprivian rebels and the government both wield weapons to disturb the peace

The Namibian government reacted with a heavy hand in early August when Caprivian secessionists mounted an armed raid on the region's capital, Katima Mulilo. The Caprivi Strip has ...

On the fringe of a war

Mishake Muyongo leapt out of the obscurity of his Danish exile on 2 August when Caprivian separatists attacked Katima Mulilo. He says the raid on Caprivi's capital opens a struggl...

Ulenga's challenge

Ben Ulenga, who resigned last year as Namibia's High Commissioner to Britain in protest at intolerance in the ruling South West African People's Organisation, has helped launch a n...

Out on a limb

Remote Caprivi is the route to Zambia and Zimbabwe and secessionism is growing

Remote Caprivi is the route to Zambia and Zimbabwe and secessionism is growing The first real test of post-Independence national unity looms with the emergence of a secessionist mo...

Small but strategic

The Caprivi Zipfel (Strip) is a 500-kilometre-long finger of land which connects north-eastern Namibia to Botswana, Zambia and Zimbabwe. It is named after a German Chancellor, Gene...

Displaying 91-100 out of 108 results.