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Population: 190.89 mn.
GDP: $375.77 bn.
Debt: $40.24 bn.

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India follows China’s lead

Wherever China goes in Nigeria, India tends not to be too far behind. Chinese contractors may have landed all of the major railway deals in Nigeria (AAC Vol 3 No 4), but Indian man...

Beijing gazumps New Delhi

China's state companies advance billion-dollar oil and banking deals while India's plans are now on hold

The Lagos State government, the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation and the China State Construction Engineering Corporation signed an US$8 billion deal this month for a 300,...

Telecom troubles

Plans to sell the state-owned Nigeria Telecommunications (Nitel) have floundered after China Unicom announced it would not be contributing to the front-running New Generation Con...

Oiling the gears

Beijing’s biggest African offer yet is a risky gambit to gain a major stake in the upstream and downstream sectors of Nigeria’s oil business

Equal measures of optimism and scepticism greeted China’s announcement of an agreement to build three oil refineries worth US$23 billion. The terms of the memorandum of understan...

Beijing's builders are back

The on-again off-again plan to renovate the railway linking coastal Lagos to Kano in the north may formally start up this year, but questions about the validity of any contract s...

It's not over until it's over

After winning back its oil acreage, South Korea offers pipelines, a power station and negotiations with its commercial rivals

After winning a court battle over the Nigerian government's attempt to cancel its oil production licences, South Korea's Korea National Oil Corporation is offering to finance bil...

A useful deal in the Delta

South Korea's state-run Land and Housing Corporation is offering investments and technical cooperation in the oil-rich Niger Delta, a move that might help the ambitions of Seoul'...

Rogues and rackets on trial

A corruption case in Geneva snares some of Nigeria’s political elite, and judges order the return of stolen state assets

The conviction in a Swiss Court on 19 November of Abba Abacha, son of former military leader General Sani Abacha, for participating in a criminal organisation together with the con...

Displaying 301-310 out of 613 results.