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Lieutenant General Oladipo Donaldson Diya

Date of Birth: 3 April 1944
Place of Birth: Odogbolu, Ogun State

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Rotters or plotters?

On the face it the 21 December allegation that the Deputy Head of State Lieutenant General Oladipo Diya Major General Tunji Olanrewaju Maj...

Budget block

Oladipo Diya were sufficiently impressed to let Ani float the ideas publicly in some detail (AC Vol 37 Nos 20 & 21)...

Booming and bombing

Oladipo Diya is Chief of General Staff he is regarded as playing more of a public relations role...

Biligual diplomacy

Abuja likes to exempt Paris from its complaints about the European Union's prolongation of sanctions the subject of a long diatribe by the Chief of General Staff General Oladipo Diya just before Abacha's December statement...

Displaying 11-17 out of 17 results.