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South Africa

Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela (Madiba)

Date of Birth: 18 July 1918
Place of Birth: Mveso, Transkei
Died: 5 December 2013

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Beijing asserts global south leadership role

It was the biggest international gathering in South Africa since the inauguration of Nelson Mandela as the country's first democratically elected leader in 1994 but the 22-24 August summit of the BRICS grouping marked a critical change – western countries were entirely absent from the feast...

Sonko's trial is Sall's challenge

His self-glorifying talk about the risks to his person exasperates many Senegalese who draw unfavourable comparisons with the calm dignity of Nelson Mandela who was subjected to far worse tribulations...

Now it’s Ramaphosa central

Many were born after Nelson Mandela walked out of jail in 1990 and they have no time for the corruption and mismanagement of public resources that has plagued the last two decades of ANC rule...

Calls for a reset get louder with the death of the Queen

Her widely reported support for sanctions against apartheid South Africa in contrast to Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher's opposition to them boosted her standing with several leaders notably Nelson Mandela and Zambia's Kenneth Kaunda...

State relaxes grip on national freight

The rail routes initially on offer to private operators include one from Durban to City Deep in the industrial heartland of Gauteng and another from Johannesburg to the car manufacturing hubs near East London and Nelson Mandela Bay...

Continental ties tested in a zero-sum game

Some have resurrected Nelson Mandela's response when asked on US television why he had met with Yasser Arafat Fidel Castro and Moammer el Gadaffi: 'One of the mistakes that some political analysts make is to think that their enemies should be our enemies'...

Displaying 1-10 out of 335 results.