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Armando Emílio Guebuza

Date of Birth: 20 January 1943
Place of Birth: Murrupula, Nampula Province

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Graça gets ready

Machel competes for the candidacy against former Interior Minister Armando Guebuza leading a Frelimo faction and Agriculture Minister Helder Muteia leading a younger Frelimo faction...

Murder again

One of Frelimo's two main factions is led by Armando Guebuza (58) once Interior Minister and the army's Political Commissar now a prosperous businessman with ambitions to run the country...

Talks break down

Broadly one main tendency is around Chissano and largely in government the other is around Armando Guebuza and largely in parliament...

Falling out, falling in

The other Frelimo people on the Assembly's Standing Commission are Veronica Macamo (first deputy Speaker) Armando Guebuza (head of Frelimo's parliamentary group and strongly tipped to succeed Chissano as party leader) Teodato Hunguana Margarida Talapa Bonifacio Gruveta Mateus Katupha and Sergio Vieira...

Chissano tastes success

One of Mozambique's most powerful men is still Armando Guebuza Frelimo's veteran parliamentary leader whose independent financial means give him confidence to challenge even Chissano...

Displaying 141-146 out of 146 results.