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United States

John Forbes Kerry

Date of Birth: 11/12/1943
Place of Birth: Aurora, Colorado, United States

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Khartoum in a corner

CIA accused over Rice The opposition long ago stopped expecting much help from abroad and amid relief that Special Envoy Princeton Lyman has stepped down there is disappointment that John Kerry not Susan E...

John Kerry

John Forbes Kerry warned the United States Senate Foreign Relations Committee of the long-term economic cost of stagnant commercial ties with Africa shortly before his appointment as Secretary of State on 29 January...

The Tunis effect

Just as the NCP now grasps every opportunity to welcome Southern independence (this may also get it terrorist delisting from Washington as Special Envoy Scott Gration and Senator John Kerry have promised) so it is challenging the opposition to join it in government...

Abyei waits

President Barack Hussein Obama sent John Kerry Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee back to Khartoum on 5 November to relay a new offer that includes terrorist delisting if the Abyei and Southern referenda go ahead as planned...

The boom in Juba and its consequences

US Senator John Kerry who chairs the Senate Foreign Relations Committee is pushing a bill that would open up the Southern energy industry if the South seceded...

Displaying 41-45 out of 45 results.