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Seth Emmanuel Terkper

Place of Birth: Somanya, Eastern Region, Ghana

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New order tackles old debts

programme with the International Monetary Fund launched by his predecessor Seth Terkper in April 2015...

The debt merry-go-round

In turn Mahama and his Finance Minister Seth Terkper insist they are determined to break with the traditional pre-election spending boom...

A disputed state of the nation

Finance Minister Seth Terkper who is short of friends on both sides of the parliamentary divide has proved adept at shoring up state finances with a campaign of creeping taxation often paid in advance such as the ubiquitous withholding tax...


Power cuts may sway polls

Embattled Finance Minister Seth Terkper will be in the direct line of opposition fire after his November budget speech forecast growth of 5...

A double first for Nigeria

' He thanked Nigerian ex-President Goodluck Jonathan for having proposed him and Ghana's Finance Minister Seth Terkper for seconding him thanked Uganda and then embraced Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala Nigeria's outgoing Finance Minister...


Oil price down, debts up

' These difficulties in agreeing an IMF programme follow Finance Minister Seth Terkper's announcement of a tough budget that forecast economic growth would slow to 3...

Displaying 1-10 out of 16 results.